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Parents Info Workshops


Watching a child head to college for the first time is difficult, to say the least. Many parents struggle with the challenge of giving a child the freedom to make decisions independently, while also continuing to provide support and guidance for the many issues a child face at school. Knowing that, we will be hosting a COLTS Academy 1 “Parents Info” workshop on Monday, July 27th (Session 1: 10am-11am or Session 2: 2pm-2:50pm). During the workshop, we will provide you with information on how to maximize and support your child's college experience. Parents will learn to

  • Maintain an active role in a child's college experience
  • Model strong communication skills
  • Recognize signs of trouble or distress
  • Provide support and resources
  • Encourage Problem-Solving Skills
  • Be pro-active with your child's college resources
  • Know confidentiality rules


To register for the Parents Info Workshops, please click the follow link