Welcome to BLACADEMIA at Cañada College

BLACADEMIA at Cañada College consists of a dedicated group of educators working to improve the academic success of Black students. The BLACADEMIA group addresses issues of concern related to Black students by educating and training faculty, staff, and students, conducting outreach and raising awareness among campus and community members through printed materials, special events, and workshops. The group is also responsible for acquiring and disseminating accurate information about policy updates and public and community events.

Mission: To support and improve the successes of Black students at Cañada College. 


Vision: Through the use of data as it relates to Black student success and retention rates we will foster an environment of activism that assists in transfer and certificate goals.


Values: Positive interactions based on informed mentorship strategies that address the needs and concerns of Black students as they traverse the academic hurtles and mazes at Cañada College in order to achieve their academic goals.


The BLACADEMIA group is comprised of the "Student Equity Committee" and the "Basic Skills Committee". If you have any questions, please contact Diva Ward, Director of Student Support at wardd@smccd.edu.

For information on the "Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES), please Follow this link