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Fall 2017 Assessment Flex Day Session

Flex Day August 15th, 2017 PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Find your department and join them at their table.
  2. Based on your program review cycle, decide whether you will use an Odd Year Assessment Plan or an Even Year Assessment Plan.
  3. Once you have your plan document selected, work with your department to fill it out. The goal being that all of the courses in your department will have been assessed at lease once in the three year cycle.
    • You may want or need to assess certain courses more often than others and that's perfectly fine. Fill out your plan in whatever way works for your department.
    • And keep in mind that the plan is course-based, not section-based. So if you want every section to be assessed for a certain course, note that on your plan. Or if you want to assess all the evening sections one year and the day sections the next year, note that as well. Or identify one section of a course that will be assessed if that's all you need to assess.
  4. Use the form below to submit your assessment plan along with a summary of the assessment dialog that you had with your colleagues along the way.


Assessment Plan & Summary Submission Form