Safety Resources

The Big 5

The 'Big 5' are five emergency situations that schools and emergency response agencies in San Mateo County adopted common language for training. This creates consistency for our students, employees, community members, and first responders. Our campus conducts emergency preparedness drills for at least once a semester for one of the 'Big 5'.

Big 5 Safety flyer

 For more information about the Big 5 in San Mateo County, click here.

Coyote Safety Tips

There have been numerous recent reports of coyote sightings on campus. While this can be considered ‘normal’ given our geographic location, coyotes have the potential to become dangerous. Here are some resources for Coyote Safety:

Coyote Safety Tips - Cañada Public Safety Office

Living with California Coyotes - California Department of Fish and Game

Keep Me Wild™ - California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Department of Fish and Wildlife website


If you have any questions, concerns, or spot a coyote on campus please contact the Department of Public Safety at 650-738-7000