Video Messages from Some of Your Student Support Staff



Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez
EOPS/CARE/FYSI Counselor and Coordinator

Student Services, Cañada College

Lorraine's Video Greeting


Candice Johnson
Program Services Coordinator

Academic Support & Learning Technology, Cañada College | Building 9, Room 219A | (650) 306-3369 | Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bridge to Opportunities Peer Mentorship Program

Candice's Video Greeting    Zoom Instant Meeting


Melissa Maldonado
Basic Skills Retention Specialist

Phone (650) 306-3356 | Text (650) 474-5725 | Zoom by email or ID 321 944 5715 |

Cañada College at the Learning Center (9-215)

Melissa's Video Greeting    Zoom Instant Meeting


Michiko M. Kealoha
Student Life and Leadership Manager

Zoom ID: 299-398-0219 Restorative.Achiever.Individualization.Learner.Connectedness She/Her Pronouns | Name Pronunciation Link | #ASCC2Day

Student Life & Leadership Development, Cañada College

Michiko's Video Greeting


Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, PhD
Professor, ESL Department, Cañada College

Editor, CATESOL Journal | Phone: 650.381-3547 | Email:

Faculty Coordinator, Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES)

Rebekah's Video Greeting


Jamie Hui, M.A.
Program Services Coordinator | Instructor | (650) 306-3404

Education & Human Development Department Cañada College

Jamie's Video Greeting