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Volunteer Opportunities at Cañada


Volunteer on a Campus Committee

Any Cañada student can be appointed from ASCC to be the student committee representative.
ASCC provides an $18 stipend for each time the student attends a committee meeting and fills out a committee report form (found in the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development) and reports about the committee meeting at the ASCC Meeting.  
Are you interested? Come to the next ASCC meeting, learn more, and get voted in!

Who Are Your Representatives from the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development?

State/Region Level
Region 3 Meetings: TBA

District Level
District Student Council: Alaa Aissi, Jolani Chun-Moy, Misha Maggi
District Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee: Jolani Chun-Moy and Misha Maggi 
District Committee on Budget and Finance: Lina Tsvirkunova
District Participatory Governance: Alaa Aissi

Cañada College President Level
College Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC): Alaa Aissi

Academic Senate Shared Governance Level
Academic Senate Representative: Lina Tsvirkunova
Committee for Student Equity: Jessica Loi, Geovanna Moreno, Misha Maggi
Educational Master Plan Sub-Committee: OPEN
Basic Skills Committee: Jolani Chun-Moy
Curriculum Committee: Evelyn Valenzuela and Javier Santos
Environment Sustainability Committee: Jolani Chun-Moy
Technology Committee: OPEN
Instructional Planning Council: Javier Santos
Vending Commission: Misha Maggi

Student Services Shared Governance Level
Campus Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee: Jolani Chun-Moy and Misha Maggi
Grievance and Conduct board: Ari Kashani, Jolani Chun-Moy, Javier Santos and Misha Maggi
Safety Committee: Claire Sharif and Misha Maggi
Student Services Planning Council (SSPC): Javier Santos and Misha Maggi
Transfer Advisory Committee: Misha Maggi

ASCC Level
Inter-Organizational Council Chair: Evelyn Valenzuela
ASCC Budget Committee Chair: Lina Tsvirkunova
ASCC Elections Committee Chair: Jolani-Chun-Moy, Jackie Sharif, Evelyn Valenzuela
ASCC Constitution Bylaws Committee: OPEN

Volunteer to be a Senator in the Associated Students of Cañada College

Volunteer to be a Club officer or Member in a Cañada Student Club

Volunteer to be on Programming Board

Volunteer Off Campus

Meals on Wheels 

Use Your Volunteer Experience for Cooperative Education Credit

Check out Cooperative Education, and receive college credit while you volunteer!


Volunteer with Other On-Campus and Community Organizations through the Career Center

Check out The Career Center for even more opportunities to volunteer!

Go to jobZONE 

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