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Fast Track to Calculus

Do you want to get ready for calculus? You can complete both trigonometry and pre-calculus in just one semester. Get access to additional support and tutoring to help you focus on learning math and complete both of these courses successfully.

What: Math 130/222 – Fast Track to Calculus

When: Fall 2015 and it will also be offered in the Spring (information soon to come)

How: Students enroll in Math 130 AG (CRN 43396) and we will enroll you in Math 222 AB (CRN 43558) when classes begin.

Math 130/222 is a 9 unit course and will take a large amount of your semester. We encourage anyone interested in taking this sequence to take no more than 3 additional units. If you are an Engineering major, you can sign up for Engineering 100; for all other majors, the additional units can be related to your major or be an elective.

We strongly recommend students interested in this course to meet with a retention specialist or STEM counselor to discuss class requirements and your semester schedule. Below is a list of people you can meet with to learn more about your options:

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