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Women's Health Issues

female doctor talks to female patientWomen have different health care needs and concerns as compared to men.  Women experience different obstacles in their attempt to access health care in the U.S. and internationally. HSCI 116: Women's Health Issues is an introduction not only to health concerns specific to women, but also to the issues and challenges that uniquely affect women as patients. 

This non-majors course covers a wide variety of topics:

  • How does birth control work?
  • How does the body change during preganancy?
  • What causes infertility?
  • How do women's nutritional needs differ from men's?

Women in the course can learn relevant information about their bodies and become more empowered/informed patients while men are able to gain a better understanding of the health of their partners, family members and friends.  All in attendance have the opportunity to become informed allies/advocates for women's health.

We get real in this class. Favorite topics include –

  • a lecture-long tour through the ins/outs of the pelvic exam,
  • explanations/demos of how several forms of contraception work and classwide discussions of why folks might opt for one method over another,
  • a month-long project where all students (including the men) must track their basal body temperature each day and reflect on how effective they think this would be as a contraceptive/fertility method, and
  • conversations on what "normal" looks like for the female body.

HSCI 116 Women's Health Issues
CRN 43389
Tues/Thur 9:45-11:00am
3 units
Professor Behonick

This course is UC and CSU transferrable and in particular, meets the requirements for CSU area E1: Lifelong Learning & Self Development

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