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Login to TracDat through the SMCCD TracDat Portal

Note 1: User login information is NOT the same as your district email credentials.  You must receive login information from Allison Hughes (

Note 2: Please use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to access TracDat. Do not use Internet Explorer.


Video Tutorials

Logging In & Changing Your Password (1.5 minutes)

Adding & Editing SLOs & Assessment Methods (5 minutes)

Reporting Results from within TracDat (3 minutes)

Reporting Results from an Assignment Link (3 minutes)

Mapping SLOs & PLOs (coming soon)

Creating an Assignment (3 minutes)

Sending an Assignment (1 minute)


Print Tutorials

Logging In & Changing Your Password

Uploading & Relating Documents

Reporting Results

Mapping SLOs to PSLOs & ISLOs


Need Help?

If you have questions about how to access and use TracDat, please contact Allison Hughes:
Allison Hughes, Instructional Technologist
Office: 13-203

If you have questions about assessing SLOs, please contact Jessica Kaven:
Jessica Kaven, Faculty Assessment Coordinator
Phone: (650) 306-3347
Office: 13-209A



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