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Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Faculty Professional Development

Please review the following information prior to completing the application. Approval of applications is contingent upon availability of funds. Submit your application to your Division Dean for review and approval thirty (30) days before the event. All forms are available as links below.



To update, retrain, and broaden faculty expertise to meet current and future needs of our students in accordance with college priorities. For more information, please refer to the AFT contract, Article 13, Professional Development Program.

* Professional Development travel funds will cover a maximum of $500.00 per year, per applicant.

Deadlines and Eligibility:

Conference/Short Term applications are
accepted by May 15, 2015
and available to all faculty.

Long Term applications are accepted by October 15 or March 1 and available to
Full-Time faculty.

Extended Leave (Sabbaticals) proposals are due March 1 and are available to Full-Time faculty.

* Non-attendance to the conference/workshop will not be reimbursed.

Covered Expenses:

1. Registration Fee

2. Faculty Replacement, Tuition

3. Travel (Airfare/Train/Bus/

Proof of estimated covered
expenses MUST be included in the application.

Mileage calculation (use GoogleMaps) is estimated as roundtrip from Cañada College OR home, whichever is closer to conference site.

* Meals, Wi-fi, membership, dues, materials, parking, tolls, & Wi-Fi charges are NOT COVERED.
Submit the following required materials 30 days BEFORE the conference/workshop:

Submit your application and personal statement to your Division Dean 30 days or more before the conference. It will be forwarded to the Office of Instruction for the Professional Development Committee’s review. The committee’s decision will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided on your application.

1. Application Form
    Include an information flyer to show proof of        
    conference, fee schedule, and estimated
    expenses listed under Covered Expenses.

2. Personal Statement – Short Term
    Compose at least 1 page addressing the topics
    below and attach to your application:

         A) Benefit to the College;

         B) Enhancement to existing course or    
             program area (a plan for sharing the
             results of the activity);

         C) Personal enrichment.

3. Personal Statement – Long Term
    Address the topics below and attach to your

    A) An outline of the planned project,    
              program, activity or work experience
              including a statement of purpose and

    B) A description of the activities involved;

    C) Enhancement to existing course or
              program area (a plan for sharing the
              results of the activity).

4. Conference Advance Form
    Form must be completed if/when traveling
    outside of CA or requesting a fund advance.   
    Submit form 30 days prior to the event. Effective     July 1, 2014, there are new travel regulations.     
    Click here for the new travel regulations and            here for the form.

5. Academic Senate and/or Basic Skills fund

  - If you are applying for Basic Skills funds, please
     add a brief paragraph to your proposal                   explaining how your project relates to basic           skills.

  -  You must contact the Basic Skills Committee and
     Academic Senate supplemental fund to inform
     them that an application is forthcoming.


Submit the following materials within 10 days AFTER the conference/workshop:

Submit your reimbursement form along with the required documents listed below to your Division Dean within 10 days after the conference. It will then be forward to the Office of Instruction to process the reimbursement. You will be notified when your reimbursement check is available.

1. Statement of Conference Expense Form           Include original  receipts, and proof of
    payment (ex: credit/debit card statement
    or copy of front and back side of check).
    If you receive an advance, state the amount  
    advanced to you. Click here for the form.

2. Project Report Form
    This is REQUIRED for Long Term projects;   
    OPTIONAL for Short Term projects. Submit
    this report to your Division Dean. Click here for   
    the form.

* June conference dates have restrictions; please contact Professional Development Chair.


*June conference dates have restrictions; please contact the Professional Development Chair.

If you attend the same conference annually, you should apply as soon as you receive information about the conference.

you have questions, please contact Salumeh Eslamieh, Professional Development Committee Chair at (650) 306-3227 or Professional Development is governed by the AFT contract; please refer to your contract or view it online at



Application Form

Conference Advance Form

Statement of Conference Expense

Project Report Form


Examples of successful applications/proposals and reports

Short Term Proposal:
Alison Field - Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting (Humanities & Social Sciences)
Sandra Mendez - UC Counselor Conference (Counseling)
Polin Yadak - 2012 NROC Network Members Meeting (Science & Technology)

Long Term Proposal:
Jeanette Medina (Science & Technology)

Project report (Long Term):
Rafael Rivera - Radiation Health Physics Master's Degree


Professional Development Committee Members

Per AFT contract, Article 13.11, committee membership consists of 3 AFT appointed faculty, 1 Academic Senate appointed faculty., and 2 Administrators:
  • Salumeh Eslamieh - Professional Development Committee Chair
  • Lisa Palmer - Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Denise Erickson - Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences (split time with Nathan Staples)
  • Gregory Anderson - Vice President of Instruction
  • David Johnson - Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences


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