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**Please note that we are not yet processing applications.**



Classified Staff Development Program

The Classified Staff Development Program provides opportunities for classified staff members to attend work-related conferences, workshops and/or seminars or complete a college coursework. The program is available to classified employees who have completed the probationary status. This funding is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you wish to participate, please complete the forms below.



Permanent Classified employees who have completed their required probationary period. Please review the district policy before submitting your applications and reimbursement forms.


Conference or Workshop Reimbursement

Classified employees may request a maximum of $1,000 per conference/workshop per fiscal year. If you are interested in attending a conference/workshop, complete the CSD Conference Application prior to attending the event. Then, no later than 30 days after attending the conference/workshop/seminar, complete the Statement of Conference Expense form. Please note that if the conference is an out of state travel, a Conference Advance form must be submitted with the application for the President's authorization.

Forms to complete:

** Please note that the district TRAVEL POLICY has changed effective July 1, 2014. To review the changes, click on the following: Domestic Travel Policy or International Travel Policy **

Tuition Reimbursement

Classified employees may request a maximum of $1,400 per fiscal year for tuition, books, and related expenses (excluding meals and mileage). If you are interested complete the CSD Tuition Application prior to attending a course. Then, after receiving a grade of C or better, complete the Request for Tuition Reimbursement form. Submit this with receipts and final grades.

Forms to complete:



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