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The Chemical Laboratory Technology Program prepares students to work in research laboratories to study and develop new chemical processes and materials to meet the technological needs of an ever changing chemical industry. Graduates of this program operate laboratory equipment, set up chemical reactions, isolate and characterize products, follow proper safety, hazardous materials management and waste disposal procedures, record and analyze experimental results, and read, write and orally deliver technical reports. This program offers a certificate and/or an A.S. degree in Chemical Laboratory Technology.

After completion of the Certificate, students can seek employment in chemistry and chemistry related laboratories that utilize chemical instrumentation. After completion of the Associate in Science Core coursework and depending upon the choice of Selective coursework, students may seek employment in chemistry and chemical related fields or to pursue further studies in technical fields such as, but not limited to: biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry and hazardous materials management. This Program can also provide sufficient background preparation for professional training in majors such as technical writing, patent law, medicine and education.

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