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Below are the current faculty appointments to standing college committees.  Excluded are appointments to tenure review committees, hiring committees, and faculty peer-review committees.  Every effort is made to ensure this list is accurate and complete.  Please email the Senate President if there are errors or omissions.

Academic Committee for Equity & Success (1/mo) Michael Hoffman ACES Faculty Coordinator
  Elizabeth Terzakis  Basic Skills English Faculty
  Yolanda Valenzuela Basic Skills Reading Faculty
  Denise Hum/Yvette Butterworth/Ray Lapuz Basic Skills Math Faculty
  Hyla Lacefield CTE/Workforce Development Faculty
  Rebekah Taveau/Jenny Castello/Jeanne Gross ESL Faculty
  Valeria Estrada Library Faculty

Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez


Daryan Chan

Counseling Faculty
  Alison Field Non-Basic Skills Faculty
  David Clay Non-Basic Skills Faculty
  Martin Partlan Non-Basic Skills STEM Faculty
Academic Senate Governing Council (2/mo) Doug Hirzel President
  vacant Vice President
  Alicia Aguirre Secretary
  David Meckler Treasurer
  Ana Miladinova/Diana Tedone Athletics, Learning Resources & Library Division Representative
  Katie Schertle Humanities & Social Sciences Division Representative
  Hyla Lacefield Business, Design, & Workforce Division Representative
  Sandra Mendez Student Services Division Representative
  Michael Hoffman Science & Technology Division Representative
  Dani Behonick Curriculum Committee Representative
  Denise Erickson Professional Development Representative
CARES (weekly) vacant Faculty
Curriculum Committee (2/mo) Dani Behonick Chair
  Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez Counseling Representative
  vacant Counseling Representative
  Eric Gaspar Athletics, Learning Resources & Library Division Representative
  Diana Tedone Athletics, Learning Resources & Library Division Representative
  Po Tong Science Division Representative
  Attila Elteto Science Division Representative
  Leonor Cabrera Business, Design & Workforce Division Representative
  Peggy Perruccio Business, Design & Workforce Division Representative
  Katie Schertle Humanities & Social Sciences Division Representative
  Kristen Parks Humanities & Social Sciences Division Representative
Distance Education Advisory Committee (1/mo) vacant Distance Education Coordinator
  vacant Instructional Designer
  Gloria Darafshi Counseling Faculty
  Ana Miladinova Faculty
  Candace Nance Faculty
  Lisa Palmer Faculty
District Academic Senate (1/mo) Doug Hirzel ASGC President
  vacant ASGC Vice President
District Accreditation Coordinating Council (1/mo) Doug Hirzel Faculty Accreditation Co-Chair
District Committee for Budget and Finance (1/mo) Doug Hirzel ASGC President
District Curriculum Committee (1/mo) Dani Behonick Curriculum Committee Chair
District Distance Education Advisory Committee (1/yr) Lisa Palmer Faculty
District Participatory Governance Council (1/mo) Doug Hirzel ASGC President
District Strategic Planning Committee (1/mo) Doug Hirzel ASGC President
District Study Abroad Program Committee (1/sem) Jessica Marshall Faculty
  Paul Stegner Faculty
EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs/FFYSI Advisory Committee (1/sem) Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez EOPS Counselor
  Sarah Aranyakul Counselor
  Yolanda Valenzuela Faculty
  Jenny Castello Faculty
  Paul Roscelli Faculty
  Alison Field Faculty
Evaluation Guidance Committee (1/sem) Denise Hum Faculty
  Lezlee Ware Faculty
Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (1/yr) vacant Faculty
Extenuating Circumstances Committee (2/mo) Leonor Cabrera Faculty
Grievance and Conduct Boards - (as needed) Jenny Castello Faculty (one from pool)
  Leonor Cabrera Faculty
  Alicia Aguirre Faculty
  Denise Erickson Faculty
  Martin Partlan Faculty
  Candace Pau Faculty
  Katie Schertle Faculty
  Cynthia McCarthy Faculty
  Carolyn Jung Faculty
  Nick Jerrard Faculty
Honors Transfer Program Advisory Committee (1/mo) Jessica Kaven HTP Coordinator (co-chair)
  Gloria Darafshi HTP Counselor (co-chair)
  Alicia Aguirre Faculty
  Sarah Harmon Faculty
  Bob Tricca Faculty
  David Meckler Faculty
  Lezlee Ware Faculty
  Denise Erickson Faculty
  Paul Roscelli Faculty
  Michael Stanford Faculty
  Lisa Palmer Faculty
Instruction Planning Council  (2/mo) Dani Behonick Curriculum Committee Chair
  Jessica Kaven Honors Transfer Program Coordinator (current co-chair)
  Valeria Estrada Library Faculty
  Michael Hoffman ACES Coordinator 
  Nick DeMello  Adjunct Faculty
  Nick Martin  Counseling Faculty
  Katie Osborne CTE or Division of ALL Faculty
International Education Advisory Committee (1/sem) Dani Behonick  Faculty
  Gloria Darafshi Faculty
  Eric Gaspar Faculty
  Jessica Kaven  Faculty
  Candace Nance Faculty
  Elsa Torres Faculty
  Karen Olesen Faculty
  Soraya Sohrabi Faculty
Planning and Budgeting Council (2/mo) Doug Hirzel ASGC President 
  Lezlee Ware  AFT Representative 
  Nick Carr Athletics, Learning Resources & Library Division Representative
  vacant Humanities & Social Sciences Division Representative
  vacant Science & Technology Division Representative
  Paul Naas Business, Design & Workforce Division Representative 
  Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez Counseling 
  vacant  PT Faculty
Professional Development Committee  (1/mo) Denise Erickson ASGC Representative (shared appointment)
  Nathan Staples ASGC Representative (shared appointment)
  vacant AFT Representative
  Salumeh Eslamieh  AFT Representative
  Lisa Palmer AFT Representative
Public Relations, Outreach & Marketing Advisory Committee (1/sem) vacant Faculty
  vacant Faculty
  vacant Faculty
Safety Committee (1/mo) Elsa Torres Faculty
Student Services Planning Council (2/mo) Gloria Darafshi Counseling 
  Sarah Aranyakul EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs
  Valeria Estrada  Library or Learning Center Faculty 
  Nicholas Jerrard Faculty (non-Student Services)
Sustainability Committee (1/mo) Susan Mahoney  Earth Science Faculty 
  Lisa Palmer Faculty 
  vacant Faculty 
  vacant  Faculty 
Technology Committee (1/sem) Nathan Staples  Science & Technology Division Representative 
  Lale Yurtseven Business, Design & Workforce Division Representative
  Robert Haick  PT Faculty
  Ami Smith Humanities & Social Sciences Division Representative
  vacant Distance Education Coordinator
Transfer Advisory Board (1/sem) Gloria Darafshi Faculty
  Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez Faculty
  Cathy Lipe Faculty
  Paul Roscelli Faculty

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