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Below you'll find alignment reports for the programs in each division that are currently up for Program Review. These alignment reports show how each program's SLOs align to their PLOs and how their SLOs align to Cañada's ILOs. However, these reports do not reflect SLO results as those often contain student data that cannot be posted publicly.


To view and download PLO and ILO Alignment Reports with SLO results, please visit:
This link requires you to login with your email address and email password.


Business, Design and Workforce Division

SLO to PLO Alignment ReportsSLO to ILO Alignment Reports
Accounting & Business PLO Alignment Accounting & Business ILO Alignment
Computer Business Office Technology (CBOT) PLO Alignment Computer Business Office Technology (CBOT) ILO Alignment
Cooperative Education PLO Alignment Cooperative Education ILO Alignment
Digital Art & Animation PLO Alignment Digital Art & Animation ILO Alignment
Early Childhood Education PLO Alignment Early Childhood Education ILO Alignment
Fashion Design PLO Alignment Fashion Design ILO Alignment
Human Services PLO Alignment Human Services ILO Alignment
Interior Design PLO Alignment Interior Design ILO Alignment
Medical Assisting PLO Alignment Medical Assisting ILO Alignment
Paralegal PLO Alignment Paralegal ILO Alignment



SLO to PLO Alignment Reports SLO to ILO Alignment Reports
Career Courses (Counseling) PLO Alignment Career Courses (Counseling) ILO Alignment


Science and Technology Division

SLO to PLO Alignment ReportsSLO to ILO Alignment Reports
Astronomy PLO Alignment Astronomy ILO Alignment
Biological Sciences PLO Alignment Biological Sciences ILO Alignment
Chemistry PLO Alignment Chemistry ILO Alignment
Computer Science PLO Alignment Computer Science ILO Alignment
Earth Science PLO Alignment Earth Science ILO Alignment
Engineering PLO Alignment Engineering ILO Alignment
Mathematics PLO Alignment Mathematics ILO Alignment
Physics PLO Alignment Physics ILO Alignment
Radiologic Technology PLO Alignment Radiologic Technology ILO Alignment


Other Instructional Programs

SLO to PLO Alignment Reports SLO to ILO Alignment Reports
College for Working Adults (CWA) PLO Alignment College for Working Adults (CWA) ILO Alignment
Honors Transfer Program PLO Alignment Honors Transfer Program ILO Alignment

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